How long will it take to get my order?

You are purchasing a handmade-to-order product directly from the manufacturer. Because we need a little time to get your rub made, we process orders a couple times a week. Since we don’t make it until you order it, we can get a little backed up when things get really busy. So, please be patient with us. Your order should ship within 2-3 business days of order placement.

Why haven’t I received a confirmation email for my order?

Check your spam folder. Some email providers still dump our emails in the spam folder. Also, adding to your address book will usually keep our emails out of your spam folder. If your order shows in your account on the site and you didn’t receive a confirmation email, contact us and we’ll be happy to resend it.

Do you use any MSG in your rubs?

Never.  Absolutely no MSG. As a matter of fact, there are no fillers, no anti-caking agents, no preservatives, nothing artificial what-so-ever. We only use the finest and freshest, all natural spices and herbs.

How much rub should I buy? How much rub should I use?

Like many things in life, the real answer is “it depends”…  If you are using it on small cuts of meat like steaks, chops, or chicken breasts and vegetables, 2 to 3 teaspoons per meal or approximately half a pack is the average but it also depends on how much rub you like to apply to a given item, and this will vary from person to person.

Are your rubs Gluten Free?

Absolutely, 100% gluten free. We also produce our rubs in our own facility so we can guarantee there is no gluten cross contamination. We are Also Vegan and Paleo.

Are your rubs really hand made?

Absolutely. 100% hand made by us in micro batches.

What’s up with the zip-top stand-up bags? Where’s the spice shaker?

Our high-barrier zip-top packaging helps ensure our spice products stay fresh and vibrant for a minimum of 6 months after you open them. This is a marked improvement over standard spice bottles who’s properties do very little to help keep the spices they contain fresh even before you open them.  Where’s the proof you ask?  Well, aside from the mountains of industry research that supports this, all one has to do is use your nose.  Next time you are in your kitchen, stop by the cupboard and pick up one of our competitor’s spice bottles.  Raise it up to your nose and gently squeeze the bottle.  Bet you smell the spices don’t you?  This is a clear indication that the spices contained in those bottles are not being adequately protected from free oxygen exchange.  Our high-barrier bags, on the other hand, are made from multiple laminations of foil and special barrier materials that reduce free oxygen and moisture exchange to a mere fraction of even the best spice shaker bottle.

As these bags are made from much less plastic than traditional rigid plastic spice shaker bottles, packaging a product in a flexible stand up zip-top bag vs. a rigid plastic bottle can have a tremendous positive impact on the world we live in.  However, if a shaker bottle is what you prefer, we recommend you re-purpose an old spice shaker or Parmesan cheese bottle from your own cupboard.  Then, when you’re finished using the rub, just pour it back into the zip-top bag so it stays fresh for the next time you use it.

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