Re-Fillable Shakers Available December 2020! Just in time to give your kitchen  a Christmas Present!

Why choose us?

We start with the highest quality spices available.

To make the best rubs in the world, you have to start with the best spices in the world. We do not use standard commodity grade spices like some of our competitors. Instead, we only source spices with the highest volatile oil concentrations available. Additionally, our spices are milled fresh to order.

Small batch sizes for the freshest rub.

As we produce in micro batches pack and seal into our barrier bags we retain the utmost freshness in fact your product could sit unopened in your pantry for up to 3 years without losing its flavour or intensity.

Hand-filled Packages.

The rub for every package is individually weighed and filled by hand. Lots and lots of packages, only a couple of hands. Since we don’t fill volumetrically, you can be assured every package contains exactly the amount (or a little more) of rub you’re paying for.

Heat-sealed for Ultimate Freshness.

Each pack is sealed with a re-seal and then sealed again to retain freshness.

Filled to order.

We don’t have a warehouse full of filled packages waiting on someone to buy them. Every order is processed and filled as it’s received. It may take us a little longer, but we feel the difference in quality is well worth it.

Chef’s Collection

We offer a range of sizes to cater to every chef.

For more information and pricing, please contact us at hello@urbanfoodco.co.nz or by using the form below.

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